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Antiguan Citizenship by Investment Programme

The Antiguan Citizenship by Investment Programme  is now very active and proving to be a great success.

Tamarind Hills was approved on 19th November 2013 (click here for the official Government approval) and was one of the first approved projects under the Programme. Purchaser of property for a minimum of US$400,000 can apply for Antiguan Citizenship at Tamarind Hills, using an approved local agent (lists of agents are on the official Government site). Benefits of the programme include visa free travel to Canada, the UK and Schengen countries as well as over 125 countries – further details can be found here. Antiguan citizens are also not taxed on their worldwide income. All properties at Tamarind Hills allow the purchaser to apply for an Antiguan passport however the one bedroom Kingfish properties  have been designed especially with the Antiguan Citizenship by Investment Programme in mind. These are fully owned freehold properties, and there are certain guarantees available – please contact us for further details.

A summary of the programme can be found here, and for further details of the Programme and a full list of property options at Tamarind Hills under the Citizenship Programme please contact Full information on the Programme itself can be found on the official Government website at